Web Developer

Office of Administration, The University of Texas at Dallas

Jun 2013 – Present

  • Tools: PHP (for MySQL,) XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat
  • Maintains and updates database-driven web sites for multiple departments
  • Converting legacy sites to a common code-base and similar style for better maintenance and faster editing
  • Creates custom visitor-facing online tools and back-end reporting tools
  • Develops original art and copy for a variety of electronic and print communications

Web Specialist / Webmaster

Office of Graduate Studies, The University of Texas at Arlington

Jun 2009 – Jun 2013

  • Tools: PHP (for MySQL,) XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
  • Maintains and upgrades the graduate school’s database-driven web sites
  • Built online systems for scheduling, reservations, cancellations, notifications, reporting, and e-Commerce
  • Converted paper-based processes into online forms

Web Programmer / Webmaster

Global Knowledge Training, Richardson, TX

Oct 2000 – Jan 2009

  • Tools: PHP (for Oracle and MS SQL,) XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
  • Planned and executed original e-Commerce site architecture and custom online shopping cart
  • Designed and built online testing system
  • Built, maintained, and upgraded the main company web site
  • Created custom web portals for major clients
  • Edited and developed new content
  • Developed web-based applications

Freelance Web / Multimedia Developer & Consultant

Dallas, TX

Apr 2000 – Sep 2000 (Full-Time,) Jul 2005 – Present (Part-Time)

  • Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, PHP (for MySQL,) XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Joomla
  • Acted as project manager, information architect, lead developer, or designer, depending on the project
  • Set up web sites, blogs, and podcasts, then taught clients how to use and maintain them
  • Consulted with clients on best practices for different online media, to best leverage their existing skills online, and to best reach their intended audience

Director of Multimedia

New Course Education, Chapel Hill, NC

Sep 1999 – Dec 1999

  • Tools: Quicktime Pro, Photoshop, HTML
  • Directed multimedia production for medical distance learning applications
  • Maintained multiple extranet web sites that allowed clients to review the progress of their projects

Senior Specialist, Multimedia / Web Design

Nortel Networks EST&D Media & Technology, Richardson, TX

Dec 1996 – Sep 1999

  • Tools: Authorware, Director, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, HTML
  • Developed multimedia training on CD-ROM, acting as project manager, lead programmer, or lead designer depending on the project
  • Adapted traditional paper-based courses to web format, and added interactive exercises
  • Created and maintained several intranet web sites

Senior Specialist, VR Modeler

Nortel Networks EST&D Virtual Reality, Richardson, TX

Dec 1995 – Dec 1996

  • Tools: Superscape VRT, HTML, Photoshop
  • Developed 3D models with basic behaviors capable of responding to simple stimuli
  • Planned, executed and maintained the group’s internet web site
  • Set up the group’s paperless ISO9001–compliant quality system via an intranet web site

Specialist, Technical Illustration

Nortel Networks EST&D Media & Technology, Richardson, TX

Fall 1993 & Summer 1994 (CO-OP), Jan 1995 – Dec 1995

  • Tools: Illustrator, Freehand, MacDraw II, MacDraw Pro, PageMaker, Photoshop
  • Founded an electronic image library of the customer’s products
  • Developed a source illustration system to improve product consistency and reusability
  • Created art for marketing literature, promotional products, and training materials

Graphic Designer / Network Administrator

Oshkosh Truck Corporation, Oshkosh, WI

Aug 1991 – Aug 1992

  • Tools: Interleaf
  • Controlled and maintained a SUN/SPARC UNIX-based computer network
  • Devised time-saving GUI applications to simplify complex computer publication operations
  • Wrote basic C and LISP scripts to automate network housekeeping functions
  • Developed the styles of part catalog layouts, corporate forms, and advertising pieces

Technical Writer / Technical Illustrator

Oshkosh Truck Corporation, Oshkosh, WI

Jun 1989 – Aug 1991

  • Tools: Interleaf
  • Planned and coordinated the work of keypunchers, compilers, drafters, and printers
  • Created electronic templates for operator and technical manuals
  • Documented new products with exploded parts illustrations


Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Bachelor of Science in Technical Graphics*, Dec 1994

Overall GPA: 3.18/4.00, Major GPA: 3.85/4.00

Associate of Applied Science in Technical Graphics*, May 1989

Overall GPA: 5.00/6.00, Major GPA: 5.00/6.00

  • Co-produced “Visual Perception Test 2”
  • Led highest scoring team in Production Graphics class
  • Major Coursework: Independent Project (Multimedia Application,) Dynamic Simulations, Concept Development, Digital Imaging, Hypertext, 3D Modeling, Technical Documentation, Descriptive Geometry, Layout & Typography, Speech & Communications, Technical Writing

* Some years after I graduated, this degree was renamed “Computer Graphics,” and later “Computer Graphics Technology”

Curriculum Vitae

Rodolfo Arredondo is a New Media developer with a strong foundation in traditional media and years of on-the-job experience in programming and web-based technologies. This allows him to work both the “left-brain” and “right-brain” aspects of a project, from planning the information architecture to developing the user experience.

Upon earning his Associate degree from Purdue University, in what was then called Technical Graphics, he took a position with the Oshkosh Truck Corporation of Wisconsin. He created parts catalogs and owner’s manuals to support their new line of civilian vehicles. Originally, his tasks included researching components, sketching out subassemblies on the factory floor, and then using that information to write instructions and draw diagrams. Later his work expanded into setting up electronic document templates and coordinating the work of compilers, keypunchers, and drafters. He also became responsible for maintaining all the SUN workstations used for developing documentation.

When Purdue expanded their Associate degree into a full Bachelor’s degree, Arredondo returned to school and participated in their CO-OP program. He spent alternate semesters working for the Media & Technology group of Nortel’s training center in Dallas, where he went to work after graduation. While there, he built what would later become their electronic image library, and developed a type of “master drawing” that a non-illustrator could take apart and use to quickly make many other drawings. After about a year, he was recruited into the company’s Virtual Reality Training group, where he developed 3D models with basic behaviors. When the training center abandoned Virtual Reality, Arredondo returned to the Media & Technology group, first developing intranet web sites, then computer and web-based training applications. He usually acted as lead programmer and occasionally as lead designer and project manager. One of his last projects for Nortel was to convert his original image library into a database-driven web site.

When Nortel decided to sell off the Dallas training center, Arredondo took the position of Director of Multimedia for New Course Education in Chapel Hill. There, he helped develop medical distance learning applications. His responsibilities included training staff on new technologies, developing multimedia production procedures, and maintaining the extranet sites used by clients to monitor their projects. After New Course closed its doors, he returned to Dallas and became a full-time independent web and multimedia developer.

About five months later, Arredondo became the Webmaster for Global Knowledge’s Dallas training center. In addition to building their first e-Commerce web site, he contributed and edited content, created custom training portals for major clients, and developed web-based applications such as their database-driven Flash-based testing system. When Global Knowledge drastically reduced its Dallas operations about eight and a half years later, Arredondo returned for a time to independent web development.

In mid 2009, he took on the position of Web Specialist for the Office of Graduate Studies in The University of Texas at Arlington. Besides turning several of their paper-based processes into online tools, Arredondo also converted many incompatible electronic legacy tools into a tight, cohesive set of web-based tools that operate under a shared database and leverage a set of shared code. He set up large portions of the main graduate web site to stay continually up-to-date by dynamically pulling content on-the-fly from database tables, and made the whole site easier to use across more browsing environments, including the browsing tools used by web surfers with disabilities.

Most recently, he transferred to the The University of Texas at Dallas to act as the Web Developer for the Office of Administration. He is working to improve the experience of visitors to various departments’ web sites by giving theses sites a related look-and-feel, as well as a shared code-base for faster maintenance and updates. Arredondo also made the format of these sites as flexible as possible, so they can function well on everything from mobile phones to tablets to wide-screen monitors.

Arredondo still continues to work part-time as an independent consultant, helping non-technical professionals migrate their talents to the world of web sites, podcasts, and blogs. His clients have included Brookhaven College, Teatro Dallas, the National Shaving Mug Collectors Association, Global Knowledge Networks, Texas Christian University, and Truth Wins Out. From time to time, he provides technical support and services for non-profit organizations and civil rights groups.