Who I Am, What I Do

Who I Am

I’m Rodolfo Arredondo, and I work in both traditional and new media, on both the left-brain and right-brain parts of a project —from the information design to the programming to the art.

What I Do

While I do all sorts of things, I most often do…

  • Web Design —not just the look of a site, but how all the information is logically organized, in a way that’s most useful and most easy to find. It’s also about making sure that this year’s trendy interactive features work on as many devices as possible, but still provide useful information on devices where they don’t work at all.
  • Back-End Web Programming —searches, logins, customizing visitor experiences, adding randomness to visitor experiences, pulling information from (and occasionally setting up) databases, and automating as many functions as possible.
  • Graphic Design —making high-impact graphics that translate well across multiple media, from black-and-white print ads to online animations.
  • Communications Management —planning out a communications campaign across multiple media.
  • Consulting. There are plenty of smart do-it-yourselfers who just need a crash course in a new technology from someone who can guide them through their options and help them get set up. If you’ve ever said you wanted to “Make all our manuals available online,” “Release a podcast/RSS feed,” or “Maintain our own website,” I can help you with that.

What I Bring to a Project

Web sites that are as accessible as possible to web surfers with disabilities; Such sites have the added benefit of being easier to navigate for everyone.

Web sites that emphasize valid mark-up under the hood and avoid platform-specific hacks —making them more useful across more devices.

Web sites that work even without all their interactive bells-and-whistles, and that progressively add in the more “fun” features for those devices that can support them.

Print designs that compliment and work with your existing online presence, and web designs that do the same for your existing print communications.

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